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故城县风动摩擦密封材料有限公司,始建于1984年,是一家 专业生产锻造与冲压设备用摩擦材料的股份制企业,是中国锻压协 会的会员单位。

公司位于故城县城北工业区,建筑面积3000余平方 米,距京沪高铁德州东站30公里,交通便利。我公司拥有完善的生 产、研发和管理体系,所生产的是高耐磨,环保无石棉摩擦材料与 国内外300余家锻压冲压设备公司配套,产品质量深受用户好评。 我们期待与更多的客户共同发展,合作共赢。


Gucheng county fengdong friction and seal matereial co.,ltd, established in 1984, as a number of confederation of chinese metalforming industry, is specialized in manufacturing friction products for forgi ng and punchi ng machines.The compa ny, cov- ering buiding area approximate 3000 square meters,is located in north industries area in gucheng county, 30Km far away from dezhou east high-speed rail station,the traffic is convenient.with the perfect producing system, investigation and inn ovation system and management system, our hard-wearing,NAO material has been used for large forgi ng and punchi ng machines on OEM term and enjoyed good reputation among our 300 clients,both domestic and overseas. We are looking forward to cooperate with more and more customers on the mutual benefit basis for long term.

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